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We are looking for a Research Scientist (Munich, Full Time)

About us

Eisbach is a young Munich Biotech company that discovers and develops novel drugs to target the epigenetic and DNA repair vulnerabilities that arise in a cancer’s genome. Eisbach establishes epigenetic therapies for tumors that currently lack therapeutic options.

Responsibilities and opportunity

We seek a self-motivated and exceptionally talented Research Scientist to apply cell- based reporter and imaging assays, as well as genomics for cancer drug discovery. You will work with us to build Eisbach as part of a talented and driven team.

Your profile and. qualifications

- M.Sc. with industry experience / Ph.D. in oncology or related disciplines.
- Competence in biochemistry, cell biology or genomics, including life-cell imaging.
- Outstanding laboratory practice, high flexibility and fast learner.
- Critical thinker, problem solver, creative, resilient and essentially fluent in English.
- Great team player that promotes excellence and fosters an inclusive culture.

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We are a bold, curious and relentless team. We’re here to deliver on the promise of our science to pioneer new classes of drugs based on our cutting-edge science. Together, we pledge to transform the lives of patients and to be stewards of our community.