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We are looking for a Laboratory Head (d/f/m, Munich, Full Time)

About us

Eisbach is a Munich biotech that discovers and develops novel drugs targeting molecular machines in cancer and infectious disease. Exploiting our proprietary insights into the activation mechanisms of our targets, we develop effective and safe medicines, together.

Responsibilities and opportunity

We seek a self-motivated and exceptionally talented Laboratory Head to coordinate and drive the activities for our screening, biochemistry and cell biology group for drug discovery. You will build Eisbach as part of a focused, talented and driven startup team.

About you

- Inspiring leader, dedicated to success, willing to burn the midnight oil to achieve team goals
- Critical thinker, problem-solver, creative, resilient and (essentially) fluent in English
- Performance-leading by example, motivating for excellence and fostering an inclusive, diverse team culture, gloves-on, inspiring others through laboratory virtuosity
- Ph.D. in oncology, virology or related molecular disciplines with leadership experience

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We are a bold, curious and relentless team. We’re here to deliver on the promise of our science to pioneer new classes of drugs based on our cutting-edge science. Together, we pledge to transform the lives of patients and to be stewards of our community.