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Eisbach Bio receives €6.7M grant from the Bavarian Government for the development of targeted SARS-CoV-2 antivirals

MUNICH, Germany, October 29, 2021 – Eisbach Bio, a biotechnology company targeting the molecular machines that drive human disease, announces financial support from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (StMWi) for the preclinical and clinical development of a proprietary SARS-CoV-2 helicase inhibitor and its backups. The funding of EUR 6.7 million will support the development of the Company’s COVID-19 therapeutics and maintain the competitiveness of the biotech scene in Bavaria as part of the BayTherapie 2020 program.

Eisbach aims to bring a safe, sustainable and targeted antiviral drug with specific activity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the clinic to lower disease progression and help end the pandemic globally. Using its molecular machine expertise, the Company developed EIS4363, a small molecule inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 helicase enzyme Nsp13, which is critical for viral replication and is the most conserved non-structural protein within the extended coronavirus family. The goal of this project is to further develop the chemical structure of the preclinical candidate EIS4363 and to further increase the efficacy in animal models. Additional research will be directed toward developing a highly effective, oral combination therapy with drugs targeting the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP), such as molnupiravir.

Eisbach’s CEO, Dr. Adrian Schomburg, commented: “Our team is grateful to receive state support for the development of our drug candidates. The biotech scene in Bavaria and beyond will benefit from this project. Our research progress illustrates how Bavarian companies joined the fight against COVID-19, taking a leading role in driving innovation and identifying therapeutic solutions.”

Prof. Andreas Ladurner, Eisbach’s CSO, added: “We are determined to deliver a sustainable drug with a good safety profile. The funded BayTherapie2020 program will allow us to allocate more resources to the research and development of EIS4363, greatly increasing our chances of developing a much-needed novel antiviral for the global community.”

The financial support adds to the Company’s government-funded grants for the development of its novel targeted antivirals. Eisbach is rapidly progressing its IND-enabling work and expects to initiate Phase I clinical trials for its nominated COVID-19 asset in Q2, 2022.


About Eisbach Bio GmbH:

Eisbach develops novel drugs that disrupt molecular machines essential to tumors with defined genetic vulnerabilities in the context of DNA damage and repair (DDR). Its proprietary allosteric platform creates targeted therapies that exploit disease-relevant vulnerabilities. By shutting off the machine’s engine using allosteric inhibitors, Eisbach’s medicines are designed to prevent the reorganization and evolution of cancer genomes. In early 2020, Eisbach joined the global effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by exploiting its allosteric platform for the identification of small molecule antivirals targeting related molecular machines and engines in SARS-CoV-2. Founded in 2019, Eisbach is privately held and backed by international investors. For more information, please visit www.eisbach.bio.


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